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Sharing CuratorPro from one computer to another.

April 28, 2014 |

CuratorPro can be shared across a network, allowing multiple computers to access the same data simultaneously.

To do this:

  • All computers accessing CuratorPro must have Filemaker Pro v13 installed already.
  • Your network must be fast/robust enough to allow CuratorPro to perform adequately.

Here’s how to accomplish this:

Let’s arbitrarily name the computers “A” and “B”. “A” is going to be the computer from which Curator is shared, and “B” is going to be the computer that connects up to “A” over the network. Up to 4 computers can connect simultaneously to “A”.

1) First, on “A”, open the CuratorPro file in Filemaker Pro v13 as you normally would. Go to the File menu, and select Sharing>Share with Filemaker Clients

2) In the following dialog, ensure Network Sharing is set to ON, and that All Users can access the file…

That’s it for computer “A”. Now we need to configure the other machines to access that file.

3) On computer “B”, open Filemaker Pro, and go to the File menu, and select ‘Open Remote’


This instructs Filemaker that we’re going to open a file over the network, rather than from a file locally on the computer.

4) The next dialogue window will show all of the computers that are connected to the same network as you, which are sharing Filemaker databases. Select the appropriate computer from the list on the left, and then select “Curator” from the resulting list on the right. Depending on your environment, you may see otehr computers and files in both lists, so ensure you select the correct one!

Click Open, and you’ll be prompted to enter in a username and password as normal, and from then on, you’re accessing Curator from computer “B”.



  • When you attempt to open Curator from machine “B”, the list of computers you see in the list on the left hand side of the window in step 4 is a list of all computers on the same subnet as you are connected to, which are advertising themselves as hosts of filemaker files. Depending on your network configuration, you may not necessarily be on the same subnet as the other machine, or there also may be something else on the network which blocks communication between clients. Contact your network administrator for more information.
  • Wifi network connections will work to share Curator, but you may see a performance degradation. Where at all possible, use a wired ethernet connection between all computers to maximise performance.