Curator Pro is a custom built software program designed to make managing events a coherent, unified process – ultimately saving time and money.

The flexible system can be tailored to house the operations of everyone and everything that make up an event or festival, and has been designed from the ground up, focusing on event industry needs.

Key Features

  • Manage the requirements of Areas, People, Performers, and any other entity you decide upon.
  • Match requirements with Suppliers, so you know who is supplying what, to whom, at what location, at whatever time.
  • Manage costs effectively – you see at a glance how much you’re spending on different aspects of your event with ease.
  • Work with other team members, simultaneously. Spreadsheets are great, but they can often run into trouble when being accessed by multiple people at the same time. Different versions of spreadsheets can get out of sync, meaning that important details get lost. Plus you can still export information from Curator into Excel spreadsheets to work with in other ways, or create PDF’s to distribute to people via email or print-outs.

How does it work?

  • Curator is built using FileMaker Pro, a cross platform database solution which runs on Macs, PC’s, iOS devices, and can also connect to external sources, like websites and other databases systems.

Is it cloud based?

It can be, if required. There are 3 main scenarios for Curator deployment:

  • Standalone operation, on a single workstation.
  • Shared from an in-house FileMaker Serve
  • Shared from a Cloud based FileMaker hosting server (we can provide suitable hosting in any global region)

The fact that CuratorPro can be shared from your own computer, not necessarily from a server “in the cloud” means that if you’re in a situation where internet connectivity is flakey, then you can still work on CuratorPro.

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