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Integrate Filemaker with FreeAgent

October 13, 2017 |

Cloud accounting packages are huge business these days, and plenty of people are using offerings from Xero and Quickbooks to manage their business accounts via web and mobile apps, and there’s a ton of integration options for both of those packages.

In the UK, FreeAgent is also used heavily, due in part to it’s excellent user interface and easy to learn functionality. With it’s smaller customer base, however, comes a relative in shortage in integration options, so we decided to take a look at the API offered by FreeAgent to see how we could integrate with Filemaker.

FreeAgent offer a REST API that can return results in JSON or XML, and authentication is handled by oAuth 2.0. If that last sentence doesn’t make much sense to you – fear not! The long and short of this is that with the new built-in functionality for integrating with web services offered by Filemaker v16, we can do this!

Probably the trickiest part of this kind of integration is the oAuth stuff – so we knocked up a pretty simple oAuth playground Filemaker file, which allows you to┬áretrieve the relevant Codes and Tokens required for any call to the API. If you’d like a copy of this file – just get in touch, we’ll hook you up.

Once your authenticating OK, FreeAgent’s API offers all the functionality you’d ever need to work with the following functions:

And we’ve now gotten this working really nicely for a few customers, so if you’d like to remove the requirement to manually copy information back and forth between your Filemaker solution and your accounting package, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to work through it for you.